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150, M Block, Gulburg III, Lahore - Pakistan.
T: +(92-42) 35882864, 35882865
F: +(92-42) 35882866

E: [email protected]

For Marketing:
T: +(92-42) 35882864, 35882865
E: [email protected]

For Support:
Mr. Khuram Shahzad
Mobile: +92-322-8585675
T: +(92-42) 35882864, 35882865
F: +(92-42) 35882866

E: [email protected]

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0900 IVR Numbers

Provide information or services over the Landline phone in return for payment.

You can use an 0900 number to provide live, or pre-recorded information in return for payment. Customers can call the 0900 number at any time of the day or night to access the information and, if it's pre-recorded you won't need to roster any staff on to handle the calls.
0900 numbers are also ideal for special promotions, competitions and collecting donations. There's no extra billing or invoicing for your business to process - we bill callers on your behalf at the rate you've set.

How it works
0900 numbers connect to a standard business line. Customers dial your 0900 number and choose the information they want, such as road conditions, weather or surf reports.


You decide the price of the call Rs. 3, Rs. 5, Rs. 10, Rs. 14, Rs. 50 per call, regardless of duration.