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Fiber Optic Services


The Ditch Witch 2720 All Terrain system is designed to steer and back reamer through virtually any type of soil over a distance of up to 200 meters. This includes the ability to drill not only rock, but through cobblestone, broken rock, gravel and caliches. To achieve this ability the machine is equipped with an advanced dual-drive Power Pipe system. This unique shaft within a pipe system features a strong hex shaped rod which turns inside an outer pipe. The inner hex shaft works as a mechanical motor that drives the bit during the bore, the outer pipe thrusts the bit forward, steers the drill string and works to transmit full machine torque during back reaming. With only minimal water flow (7-15 rpm) required to operate the drill bit when in rock, the chance of a frac-out is remote compared to other machines requiring the use of a mud motor which needs 80 rpm plus to achieve a result. To enhance its advanced rock system, the 2720 AT is also fitted with a highly productive cruise control feature which once set to the ground conditions can maintain desired thrust, pullback and rotation settings. Along with a fully automated rod loading system containing 98 meters of on board rods (additional rods available) makes this a very compact and self contained machine.

The Process

The site engineer makes a survey of the site and makes a note of the utilities present on location like gas pipes electrical cables etc… upon identifying these and other hindrances in the boring area the site engineer creates a bore profile, which is basically a chart specifying the exact direction in which the HDD is supposed to drill in order to achieve the required depth and length of the bore without disturbing any of the above hindrances.The rig operator studies the chart and commences drilling.The drilling end of the machine is fitted with very sophisticated sensors which guide the operator about everything from bit temperature to soil conditions underground. The drill enters the ground at aprox 20o to the ground and gradually levels itself with the ground when the required depth is achieved. At the required depth the drill proceeds at level with the ground (0o) for the required length of the bore. The equipment co-coordinator follows the drilling end (bit end) along the surface as the drilling end is fitted with a transponder emitting various information like angle of drilling, direction and soil conditions from underground to the hand held receiver on the surface. The coordinator studies this receiver and guides the rig operator to make the required adjustments in angle speed and direction of drilling. Using this sophisticated technology of which this rig is capable the coordinator guides the operator to make the precise bore avoiding any damage to local utilities and hindrances. This entire process takes a few hours to achieve bores above 150 meters without disturbing the surface at all. Furthermore the machine is also capable of laying pipeline either by back pull technique for cables and flexible pipe or by pushing such as ms pipes etc….

Operational Strength ( Ditch Witch Machine )

  • Engineer 01
  • Supervisor 02
  • Machine Operator 02
  • Locator 02
  • Mixture 02
  • Pulling Pitter 02
  • Helper 04
  • Total 15

Boring Capacity

  • 2" to 32’’ Max
  • 500 Meters (Extendable Depended on Weight) Pull Back
  • 35 Tons (One Time)
  • HDPE Pipe
  • MS Pipe
  • Steel Pipe
  • PE Pipe


  • Dolmen Group (Karachi)
  • World Call CDA Islamabad
  • NLC (Karachi)
  • SPD (Karachi)
  • SCO (Islamabad)
  • AM Tech Bhera
  • FWO (Islamabad)
  • British Petroleum Badin